FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on all US domestic orders over $50


are your terrariums made with real plants?
not at all! I actually don't have much of a green-thumb so all my terrariums are made with preserved moss and high quality artificial plants. extra plus side: little to no maintenance!

do you use real gaming consoles?
nope! all my game console terrariums are all made from console shells. they are not working consoles and for décor purposes only. I do take donations of non-working consoles! if you would like to upcycle your old gaming systems into works of art, just reach out and let me know!

do you do custom orders?
yes I do! please fill out the custom orders form and I will give you a quote on how much the terrarium will cost (shipping is included if in the US). 

how much is it for a custom order?
I do a variety of different terrariums, so it's hard to give you a set number. if you have an idea/vision, I will do my best to make it happen. I love playing with different mediums and styles, so don't be shy!

the most popular terrarium orders are below:
all terrariums include 1 standard figure

GB Color - $110+
GBA/GBA SP - $110+

GB DS Lite - $135+
Standard Lantern - $60+
Pokeball (8CM/3in) - $60+
Pokeball (10CM/4in) - $80+
Pokeball (14CM/5.5in) - $100+
Nintendo SwitchLite - $200+
Nintendo Switch - $220+
Glass Dome (7CMx12CM) - $85+
+ LED lights - $20+


what goes into the price estimates?
the cost of materials, labor, and figures. all of the figures are from BANDAI, TOMY, RE-MENT, etc. and the materials used can get very pricey. I work really hard to make sure the designs fit with the piece, so it's extremely labor intense. each terrarium can take up over 8 hours!

where do you get your figurines & materials?
the internet is your oyster (so they say!). sites like amazon, gamestop, and ebay are your best bets for them! don't be shy and search around.

where do you ship from?
all orders are packed and shipped from New York, USA by me!

do you ship internationally?
of course! international shipments are usually around $30-50 USD (unless it's oversized or overweight). please check with your local authorizes regarding VAT and customs (you are responsible for the customs or import duties at the point of entry to your country). Refusing to pay import duties, etc. may cause a forced return or abandonment of the item, you will not get a refund. For all UK purchases, please contact me to upload a listing on my Etsy page

how long does my package take to get here?
since I'm the only one that runs this store, packages can take up to 5 business days to pack and ship. then, your order will be dropped off at the post office for delivery. all packages come with a tracking ID (except loose stickers), so you will always know where it is.

my package is lost! what can I do?
reach out to me via email and I will do my best to help!
steps you can also take to locate it:
1. ask your friends/family if they picked up the package
2. ask your neighbors if they accidentally received the package
3. please visit the USPS Missing Mail page to submit a claim

can I cancel my order/exchange it?
custom and sale items are not cancellable, but all other orders are cancelable within 24 hours of purchase. please contact me within 24 hours to let me know. exchanges are not accepted unless you want a different variation of the same terrarium that is listed for sale.

order damaged in transit or incorrect upon arrival
if your order was damaged in transit or I accidentally sent you the wrong items, please contact me within 2 days of delivery so I can help. 

please include your full name, order number, and any photographs of the damaged/incorrect items. sometimes, it's an easy fix (with a little bit of glue and love). if the item is salvageable, I would deeply appreciate you returning the package (at no cost to you) and I will send over a new one ASAP.